About Us

About Altitude Accessories

Behind the Brand:

     Welcome! My name is Christin Anderson and I’m the owner and designer of Altitude Accessories. I am a United States Coast Guard Veteran and a mom of two precious girls and the toughest little boy. What's an ex-Coastie doing creating aviation products you may ask? Well, I am also a proud spouse of a Naval fighter pilot. You may find the F-18 Super Hornet favorited as product examples within the shop! ;) I’ve been immersed into the military lifestyle for my entire adult life and...well...God Bless America.

What sets Altitude Accessories apart?

     We are a one stop shop where aviation lovers can easily customize our products with their aircraft and colors of choice! We strive to provide military members, aviation enthusiasts, AND their families a way to showcase their journey in the aviation world...and look stylish doing it! We adhere to convenient customization, quality products, and customer satisfaction. Here at Altitude Accessories, you will find the sky's the limit!  

How Altitude Accessories was born: 

It started with a bow in a Japanese NICU....

     From early 2017 to 2020, my husband and I were stationed in Japan. To sum up our time there...our first baby was born, my husband deployed...a lot, and I worked tirelessly at obtaining my Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications.

    Hours before we were supposed to board a plane to move back to the United States, I went into preterm labor with my second child two months early. She was born in a Japanese hospital in Hiroshima and stayed in the NICU for 30 days. 

     My last days in Japan were spent sitting next to my daughters incubator. I knew I needed to do something to keep my mind off of everything. So, I started cutting fabric by hand and made hair bows for all of the Japanese babies in the NICU. Including my little Remi. By the time it was our turn to take our baby home for good, my bows were on every single NICU incubator. I remember how it made me feel and I couldn't wait to make more! 

     One hair bow lead to another, which lead to Altitude Accessories’ first product…the classic leather aviation hair bow. I saw a need for custom aviation accessories the whole family could get excited about. Mixing my drive with my passion…Altitude Accessories was born.

Thank you for supporting a military spouse and Veteran owned business!

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I have a baby. I am always awake ;)